Urgent! ClickText activity takes a lot of time (1 minute)

Hello everyone!!

I read several comments about this problem but it usually is solved changing the WaitFor Ready parameter to None. I did it and I set the Timeout in 1 second as well, but the Click Text is taking more than 1 minute to work.

This ClickText is inside a while bucle and the first time it runs the click Text activity works fine (miliseconds) then for the other iterations it takes about 1 minute each!!

Here a screenshot, anyone can help me? Am I doing something wrong??

Thanks in advance!!

Before Using Click text, use element exists activity with retry scope to check the element specified in Click Text activity exists and is loaded.
In retry scope set the retry count to 3 and delay to 00:00:01
Set the WaitForready status to interactive & reduce the timeout value.

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Thanks a lot!! I’ll do it and let you know…

No :frowning: it doesn’t work.

I placed a Text Exist activity and it works inmediately but then the Click Text activity is lasting 1 minute anyway… No difference. What I don’t understand is why the first iteration of the while bucle runs “fast” (1 or 2 seconds) then the other iterations (obviously with the same code) goes so slow (1 minute each…).

Any idea?

Thanks in advance again :slight_smile:

OK, I think finally I understood what you meant:

But it keeps doinf the same… Click Text (Click Liquidacion in the picture) has a Timeout of 1000 miliseconds but it lasts 1 minute to click. And in Debug mode it is stopped in that activity for that time… But I realized that another activity, Click Image, lasts 1 minute as well!! Could be another the problem? Why those “easy” activities take so much time?