Urgent: Can Jenkins be integrated to Attended Robot and can run the processes/workflows on its own by scheduling for required interval of time

  1. Instead of having Orchestrator with Unattended robot, Can I integrate Jenkins with a normal attended Robot and schedule jobs so that It will run the processes/workflows on its own for whatever intervals/ scheduled time like every 2 hours in a day ?
  2. Is it possible to generate PASS, FAIL, NOT EXECUTED execution results report in Jenkins once the Execution is completed in UiPath ? If Yes, How?

Hi @RajeshMA - We do not recommend and support to use any other scheduling tool except Orchestrator. If you come across any issues with scheduling with third party tool, UiPath wont be able to provide support for the same. Also, if there will be any changes at the robot end, it might impact the integration. Hence, we strongly recommend to use Orchestrator.

But more clients are asking the same

Yes, Many Clients ask for Free Source Tool like Jenkins and Git. And In todays IT world all the Projects are moving to Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous Development(CD) So many Tools are supporting Integration with JENKINS to schedule the Job to run. If UiPath doesn’t support then It will lag behind.

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