Uppercase or Lowercase

I am searching in Excel using this configurable value

on excel the Value is on Lowercase “Canada” , but im trying to make a way on how I can also find the value on excel even if my value is on Upper case

just convert it using .toUpper or .toLower

will it work vice versa?

if my excel value is Uppercase “CANADA” can I also search just using lowercase “Canada” or “canada”?

for Upper Case

for Lower Case

Canada – camel case.

is there a way to make it easier than this?

i think its better to make both the string similar either both to upper or both to lower
excelValue = excelValue.ToUpper()
searchTerm = searchTerm.ToUpper()

Hi @shanti_18

Change the two values to higher case and try by using .toUpper

Ex : Country.toUpper it will give output as CANADA

Hope it helps!!