Uploading multiple corresponding excels from different folders

I want to upload 3 files from 3 different folders. The names of the files are based on countries (DE, IN). After uploading the first file from the first folder, I need to pick up the second file from the folder with the corresponding country code. Same for the 3rd file as well.
For example: Name of the 1st file: ProcessC_IN01_Derivate_JV_template_112019.xls
Name of the 2nd file: IN01_Derivate_USD_1589_112019.xls
Name of the 3rd file: IN01_1589_USD.xls

What problem are you having?

I am not sure how to pick up the corresponding excels based on the country code.

Create a country code variable and build up a string and use that. e.g., ‘c:\path\to\ProcessC_’ + countryCode + ‘01_Derivate_JV_template_112019.xls’ then use a TypeInto activity to put that path into your file selection control for upload.