Uploading files in Storage Bucket

I have two Storage bucket folders namely folder1 and folder2. Bot1 will be uploading the file to folder1 and Bot2 will be reading those files and moving to folder2. Am unable to upload the files to folder2 without downloading as a local copy.

We have two types of Input in Upload Storage file activity. File property require input of type IResource and the other Path property refers to a local path. I dont want to use the local path instead, Please let me know how to give input for the File property which needs an input of type IResource


Hi @Shalini_J

You cannot directly get it as of now UI Path did not expose that

So we need to use it like below(Givc required file to be uploaded in path exists)

Use path exists activity which gives you an output of required type and that variable can be used for your purpose


How can we check if a file is present in the storage bucket using Path Exists activity ? Is it possible ?

@Shalini_J You can use “List storage files” activity and use for loop to check file exist.


If Issue is resolved mark it is as resolved. Thank You!

Hi @Shalini_J

Directly from the storage bucket you do not have an option as of now to get as a iresource. Currently the option available to use that property is to use the normal path exists to convert the given local path to iresource.

So if you want to move the option you have as of now is to download and give the path or download and use path exists to make it get iresource type variable and use it

Even list of files with only give you path anf names but not a irespurce type variable


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