Uploading files from Excel to Sap

Hi all,

While we are uploading files from Excel to Sap, can’t load all data in Excel. When we upload manually, they are uploading. Robot can not upload list. Its warning is " Read and convert line 100 from Excel", and main page doesn’t open. If you encountered such a problem, can you help us?

Thank you.

Hello @fatmagul.arkan, I have not experienced that but please check if your robot machine and your local machine you used to manually upload to SAP has the same regional settings (the way numbers and dates are displayed in excel) because if they are different that may be causing the error

Hello @avejr748, our problem was solved. We added “delay” to a few steps, like before the import button. Excel uploaded to Sap successfully after adding delays.
Thank you so much for your suggestion.

I’m glad to hear that your problem was solved. :slight_smile:

Hi @fatmagul.arkan Can you please share step by step how to upload an excel file to SAP/ERP system in UIPATH?