Uploading all files in one stretch

Hi Guys,

I need to upload set of almost 100 plus files in one shot at some web portal.
Action is to Click Browse > select the folder > ctrl A (selects all files in that folder) > click upload > This will give the status of each file on the uploading progress.

I dont want to iterate each file and upload one by one. The site gives a previlage to add 100 files in one shot. Is there any way i can get this done by uipath? appreciate your help.



Two solutions you can consider.

  1. Zip 100 files and then upload.
  2. Foreground automation i.e record the below process

Application wont accept the zip files is one issue. Foreground automation on recording the below process… how will you record action for Ctrl A? i mean on selecting all the files in that folder?

Hotkey can be used for CTRL+A

Right timing…! I actually, completed this scenario with all the files without recording itself. basically, i checked out the special key and thats why it didn’t work earlier.

Anyways, Thanks Saranya.


Good. If possible share your solution, it can be helpful to someone. :slight_smile:

Instead of recording, i manipulated the click activities and type into activities and send the hotkeys (with ctrl + a) and the special key unchecked. This basically does the scenario i said above.

Mistakes did : special key is checked. it should be unchecked (i read it somewhere in the forum on using the ctrl -c or ctrl v ) and also, i think ctrl + A doesnt work… instead ctrl + a works … Assuming it as case sensitive.