Uploading a data table and running conditional tests on each row

I created a new flowchart that takes a saved invoice record data-table from my computer that I downloaded from an SQL query, uploads this table (93k+ rows) to UiPath and then runs through each row and tests a series of conditions on the rows to find and flag certain invoices that violate the rules. I had some questions on how i can successfully build this.

I want to create a new table consisting of the rows that violated the rules. As an example, let’s say I want to create a new table consisting of only cash transactions and with employees named C. I would attach a table but the system’s not letting me.

The example table I have looks like this.

Month Year Employee Manager Payment Type Expense Amount
1 2019 A Jeff Credit 20
2 2019 A Jeff Good Looks 26
3 2019 A Jeff Cash 18

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Did you get an error can you share some screenshots of error


Hi , use ‘Build datatable’ activity
Create the columns as Month , Year , Employee , Manager , Payment Type , Expense amount
Create a datatable variable ( ex and give at output for above
Build Datatable
Now you use for each row of your actual Datatable
Now inside for each row , you might be doing validations on each row

After this validations part

Use ‘Add datarow’ activity

In properties of Add Datarow at row array field
Give variables for each column in Build DT as {Month, year, Employee Manager , Payment Type , Expense Amount}

Please male sure the count of variables you are giving should match the count of columns in the BuildDT

Hi, I figured out a better way to do this. I’ll post a new topic because it’s a completely different method.