Uploaded the video of Assignment 1 but.....?

I have downloaded the screen recorder and installed from uipath and recorded the video and uploaded to uipath academy as got the option. But when i go to academy.uipath.com, I cant see whether the video is uploaded or not, Nothing mark has shown. How do i verify the video is uploaded or not.

Hi @ramkrishna2k3

can you try uploading the solution instead?

Yes I have zipped the solution and uploaded, Now its waiting for evaluation

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Let know how it goes for you!! This way is more reliable as I know than the video upload

I have done the Assignment 1 in my own way i didn’t follow the PDD, and I can able to generate the hash key. But it is showing a failed. Do i needed to follow the PDD.Complete Calculate Client Security Hash RFW.zip (508.6 KB)

HI @ramkrishna2k3

In the zip file, I only see the structure of the REFramework. not your files you created. You should follow the REFramework to complete the assignment. Please follow the workflow that they give when working on this.

Additionally, before submitting just make sure the records are accurately updated in the ACME site. It is the most important point in the evaluation.

I have kept the files in First Run

Oh… just saw it… Bro that way is not going to work. You really need to do use the reframework concept to get it done.