Upload yearly report - confirmation ID is undefined


when uploading a yearly report im getting a upload confirmation box but there’s not confirmation id in the message to grab. I’ve reset my test data multiple times. Can someone please advise how to fix this?

@stephensg, hey which browser are you using?

I am to seeing the same issue I am using Firefox 78.0.1 (64-bit).

My project was all working as of Friday but I noticed that there was some type of update to the ACME system over the weekend as the login link changed and I also had to update all my selectors on different pages.

This error “Report was uploaded - confirmation id is undefined” i had not see before and i was testing on Friday with no issue.

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Hi @SenzoD

I’m using internet explorer (11.9).

Currently having this issue as well.

Have the same issue here. Is the problem resolved?

Is there anyone from Uipath that can investigate this?

I’m guessing the issue is with the ACME site given the amount of recent posts from people experiencing a similar problem.

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I am getting the same message after uploading report.I am also using internet explorer as browser.

Please try now i was facing the same error able to upload now

I can see issue is resolved now

Yes, I’m also able to get the confirmation IDs now.