Upload Storage File corruption in the uploaded file

Hi I’m using Upload Storage File to upload a PDF file. I’ve used this activity multiple times but for one of my workflows this happens: I’m simply uploading a PDF file but it gets uploaded in a corrupted state which by the first sight is the reduction in the file size. My storage blob is Orchestrator itself. I have no explanation or can think of any reason for this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @atoi,

Not sure if you were able to solve this problem, but something similar happened to me but when downloading the file from a Storage Bucket, what I did was just to add a Wait for Download and solved the problem, seems the bot going too fast and not waiting for the full download and I was thinking it might be the same situation with you.


Today I found out that my excel file is getting corrupted when I upload it from different machine. If I upload the file to StorageBucket using the same machine on which the process is triggered it works fine.
I have no idea as for now why it is like that.