Upload queue item truncate leading zeroes in custom field

Hi All,

I prepared a CSV file like this:

to upload directly in a queue, but the New item are loaded without leading zeroes, for example the first item is loaded with 80000209971 in Reference and MyField.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you.

Hi can u show the part where u are adding data to queue item?

I use the queue feature Upload Items

There is no solution I suppose, curiously the string is treated as a number.

I tested following csv:

and it kept the leading 0

can you cross check the csv file content again, if there teh leading zeros are not removed?
From where/which application is the csv file populated/generated?

the upload file is manually populated with notepad++.
this is the result:

and details:

ok, I did the same:

  • creating csv with notepad++
  • upladed in ORC similar to your screenshot

can you check if result is different when ; is used for the column seperation (similar to my sample)

Yes, I did it, but the result is the same.