Upload file to drive problem

I am trying to upload a 200mb file to the drive, but I get the following error.

Upload File: Only activities which have been requested to cancel can call MarkCanceled. Check ActivityInstance.HasCancelBeenRequested before calling this method.

if I load a 1-2 mb file it passes without problem

Can you share a screenshot of activity properties?

sure, I am using Serviceaccount key.

Testing this afternoon I see that with OAuth it uploads large files, however it is an unattended process, I cannot be authorizing every so often…

BTW 100% FellingLucky is getting the folder

Have you tried increasing TimeoutMS property in GSuite Application Scope (or setting a value higher than default)?

yes but it gives the same error

It seems to be something with the machine where it is deployed (firewall, internet stability)

for the moment I’m going to do it through the front end.