Upload File to a Document Library in SharePoint

How to upload a file to a Parent and Sub Library in SharePoint?

Below instructions demonstrates how to upload two files to the Documents library of ones SharePoint site (i.e. https://yourSharePointWebsite.com/sites/Site-Name):


  • Create sample files File1.txt and File2.txt
  • Create a sub-folder within Documents Library named "Test"


  • File1.txt will be uploaded in the root folder of the Documents library.
  • File2.txt will be uploaded in the "Test" sub-folder of the Documents library.

Before running the workflow, the content of Documents library should look like below (Test sub-folder should exists):


Workflow Description:

  • First, add a Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity in order to connect to Office 365 and to provide a scope for other Office 365 activities.
  • Then, add Find Files And Folders activity in order to find and return the Drive Item corresponding to "Test" folder.
    • Query := "Test"
    • Site Url := "https://yourSharePointWebsite.com/sites/Site-Name"
    • (Output) → mySharepointFolder (this represents the Drive Item object corresponding to "Test" folder)
  • Secondly, to retrieve the Drive Item for the Documents Library root folder, use Get Item Info activity with the following values for the parameters:
    • Item ID := mySharepointFolder.ParentReference.ID (i.e. the parent of the "Test" folder drive item)
    • Site Url := "https://yourSharePointWebsite.com/sites/Site-Name"
    • (Output) → mySharepointRootFolder
  • Upload the Drive Items files : File1.txt to mySharepointRootFolder and File2.txt to mySharepointFolder. Upload first File1.txt:
  • Upload File2.txt to mySharepointFolder.
  • Execute the workflow.
  • Post successful execution, see the result in browser:
  • Files shall be uploaded successfully.

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