Upload file into another user's one drive account


Is this possible to upload local file into another user’s one drive account by their onedrive URL(which we can used to upload by manually through UI). But we are using office365 activities here.

I am able to upload files into my signed in one drive account. I need to upload into another user account (account not signed in my system)with only URL? or do we need any other things to achieve this.

Hey @logesh_kumar1

What do you mean by only URL ?

But in general without their Authentication I don’t think that’s possible!


Thank you @Nithinkrishna for confirming this .

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Hello @logesh_kumar1

You will have to map with the account details in uipath and then only you can upload the file. Without providing the proper authentication, only with the url you wont able to upload the files to another persons one drive.


Thank you @Rahul_Unnikrishnan