Upload File in Microsoft Office 365 Activities into SharePoint


I am trying to upload a file to SharePoint using the Microsoft Office 365 activities package. The only way I am able to do it is if I do a ‘Find Files and Folders’ activity and find a specific folder then put that folder as the destination in the ‘Upload File’ activity. But I would like to upload a file straight into a document library with no folders and do not know what to put as the destination for the ‘Upload File’ activity if I have no folders.

Thank you.

@Thasnia_Rob Hai Welcome To the Community…
U can use move file activity and use source path of the file then give destination path( Document library path) in “To” field
Let me know is this helps u…

Hi @Nandhuba.
Thank you for your reply.

I tried the Move File activity and put the SharePoint link that looks like the following in the destination:
The parts in brackets I have omitted for privacy reasons.
But it comes up with an error saying “Move File: The given path’s format is not supported.”

Hello, @Thasnia_Rob! Sounds like it would be best to leave a question in the Questions section of the Marketplace for the component: Microsoft Office 365 - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace.
Just to make sure, have you tried the SharePoint package? SharePoint Custom Activities Package - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace