Upload Failing for Assignement-1 : Calculate Client Security Hash

I am trying to submit Advance assignment -1 Client Security Hash and it is failing while submission of the assignment.
here is the video link

  1. I have not reset the data after workflow testing.
  2. same email id has been used for academy and ACME System1 but user names are different if this is the case then how to change user name in ACME system1.
  3. i have tested the workflow and all wi5 work items are marked as completed, please refer to you tube video.

please help!!! i am stuck here.



regarding the username, I believe the username is actually the email right? That should be the same email you are using in the academy… You will actually need this for your final certification as well. So, you might need to try registering again…

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I have registered with same email id in System 1 and Academy too. Academy i have different user name(e.g anyname). does it make any difference ?

hi @Atuls ,
you’ve removed the space between the first name and the last name. there must be a space, otherwise the hashcode you generate is incorrect. try to add a space and submit it again. best of luck. :smiley:


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