Upload drive item to Sharepoint


I am attempting to upload a drive item to SharePoint:

This fails when running due to the file type - I have also attempted ‘argIn_diPpt.ToString’ with no luck

Is there a way of configuring the above? Please note I have used the wait for download activity however this does not work - please could someone advise me how to configure the above for a drive item

Hi @E.T.S

You have used Wait for download file before this activity, right.

If yes, then there is a field called Downloaded file in the Wait for download activity. Create a variable in that field. Pass the same variable in the File to upload field in the Upload Powerpoint file to sharepoint.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!


Thank you for your reply - unfortunately when I use the wait for download the bot just waits even though the file has been downloaded therefore I cannot use this method

Okay @E.T.S

But you are uploading the downloaded file to the SharePoint right. Then the variable which created in wait for download activity, pass that variable into this activity.

Or you are uploading a different file to the SharePoint.