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Hi Team,
i am uploading file to website and downloading report.
my uploading time depends on the file size and downloading also depends on the uploaded file size. 3 reports i have to download sequently with the same uploaded file and after completing these download it should logout.
i was automated this process, it is working fine if file size less. if file size is more the process is stopped. i have to give retry.

Can any one help me to sort this issue.

Arun C

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May be the timeout of the activity is reached or the session exits @Arun_Chithiraipandia , Which activity you are using

How to increase timeout

Can you explain how you are trying to upload the files to a website @Arun_Chithiraipandia?

CLick activity

Let’s do one thing
—hope the process you have now has downloaded the first file to the folder
—now use a PATH EXISTS activity and pass the filepath of that file downloaded as input and output will be a Boolean variable and name it bool_exists

—use a if condition and mention like this
bool_exists = True
If this is true it will go to THEN part where we can continue downloading the next file if not it will go to ELSE part where we can include a DELAY activity with some time stamp around 00:02:00 (2 mins) followed by that we can check again with another path exists activity inside the ELSE part and check for the filepath of second file and get the Boolean variable

Cheers @Arun_Chithiraipandia

add a delay activity

You mean browsing the file from the local and then click on upload @Arun_Chithiraipandia?