Upload a file from splunk

Hi All,

can anyone guide how we can upload the file from system to splunk?
1] first i click on select file in splunk website

2] file upload pop up pic2 how can i pass the path or select file

You need to type into the full filepath of whatever file you are trying to upload in the File Name field.

Including the Folder location and filename.

I.e. C:\Folder A\File.xlsx

Then Click Open


Place a Type Into and click on Indicate Element and scrape the File Name text box

There place your full path of the file including extenstion

After that click on Open

Hope this will helps


Hi @Nagendra_Rajas,

First step : click on select file

Use click activity - check whether validation of selector

Second step : To pass the file path

Use typeinto activity - check whether validation of selector. Ensure whether file path is dynamic, pass the variable in type into activity.

Thrid step: Use click activity - To click open


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