Upgrading Windows legacy project to Windows - Issues with DLL and other


I have upgraded the windows legacy project to windows and below are the errors that I am facing, any help is much appreciated on this.

Please read your errors.

One is clear regarding init, you need to rename that. 64 bit is more strict that 32 bit on certain things like that.

@Anil_G - Thanks for the response, I did updated the dependencies and still facing the same issue

Hi @Mahesh_FNU

Please check this link if help

Convert Windows legacy to windows? - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

Did you try resolving the init name conflict as the error message suggests?


@Mahesh_FNU ,

Could you please share your Studio version.

Warm Regards,
Ashwini Kempraj

Why are you guys thinking its a studio issue?
The error is clearly written down, members cannot have the same name as their enclosing type.

Its just a difference between 32 and 64 bit as the compilation is stricter.


I am not sure. I faced the same issue with UiPath Studio version 22.10.3
But with Studio version 22.10.4, it somehow worked.

Not trying to say it’s related to Studio versioning.
Probably I missed something in between!

Warm Regards,
Ashwini Kempraj

Hmm ok, to me that would be weird to be something to fix it as that error seems to clearly just indicate a naming violation.

Jon - Yes, I have changed the init to Initialization and it seems to be working for me.

Thanks for your help here, I really appreciate it.



My studio version is 22.10.5


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