Upgrading Orchestrator on Azure MarketPlace Issue

We are using UiPath Orchestrator from Azure Market Place. The version that we are using right now is 19.4.3.
Now we want to upgrade this to latest version. for upgrade we want to test first on new setup which will be copy of existing one and then we will run upgrade on top of that.
Once everything will be tested properly on new setup then we will perform the same on actual prod setup.

Qn1. We are unable to find that version 19.4.3 on Azure Marketplace and it is showing only latest version. What are the ways to get that old version on Azure?
Qn2. What are the proper upgrade steps in our scenario to follow?

Thank you!

Hello @prince.rastogi,

Azure Marketplace keeps only the latest versions. In case you need to deploy a previous version, you should follow the PaaS scripts installation from UiPath docs for that version.

You can also do the upgrade with the same scripts, by using those from the new version that you want to deploy.