Upgrading from TLS 1.1 to TLS 1.2

Hi, In my company Microsoft is alerting us whenever bot is sending am email.
We are using TSL version 1.1. Microsoft is suggesting to use TSL 1.2
In our bots, in Send SMTP mail message activity, Secure connection is “Auto”.
Do I have to change secure connection setting so that it should point to TSL 1.2?


You need to update .Net framework in your machine @Deepak_M or simply update using Windows update, That will do the trick

No need to change anything in the code?

No :slight_smile:

Thank you @HareeshMR

Did that works?

No it didn’t work. I opened a ticket with Uipath. They said to upgrade .Net framework and Windows server operating system. We did both but still Microsoft report is saying that we are using TSL 1.1
Do you have any other way?

Are you using the latest version of Microsoft office??? @Deepak_M

Will it make a difference while sending email via SMTP?

Are you sending mails via SMTP or send Outlook activity??

If it is, then I think it will make difference…
.net framework is the only thing that cause the difference as far I know…

I am sending via “send SMTP Mail Message” activity

are you saying to upgrade Microsoft office or .Net framework?

As you are sending with SMTP, .net framework you need to update

We have upgraded .Net framework and Windows server OS both :slightly_smiling_face:.
But still no luck. Microsoft report is saying TSL 1.1
I may check with Microsoft.

Try consulting Microsoft team :slight_smile: @Deepak_M… And which version of uipath studio you are using??

May be this is a weird thing , try updating IIS server also :slight_smile:

Uipath and Orchesrator version is 2018.4.5

Oh, use the latest version of uipath studio and check once @Deepak_M

@HareeshMR @Deepak_M
I have upgraded the net framework to 4.8 and it continues using tls, should be something regarding the nuget package version??