Upgrade to latest version of studio without uninstall

Hi Team,

Currently i am using 2020.4 community stable version and want to upgrade to latest version. I saw in forum, community will get updated automatically for newer version but it did not happened to my case. Please help me on, Is there way to upgrade to latest version without uninstall the current version of studio.

Hi @Shivakumara_G1

Typically, it happens on the next Studio restart. To kick-start the update, you can do a few things:

  • open Studio, switch from Stable → Preview → back to Stable channel → it should start downloading

You can see the progress of download in %LocalAppData%\UiPath folder. The new version pops-up first in this packages folder:

In fact, if you close Studio, clear the \packages folder and then open Studio, it should also force it to double check the latest version and download it.

Let us know if this helped :slight_smile:

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Yes, Thank you so much. It helped me lot and issue resolved.

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