Upgrade to 20.4 broke automation

Hello, Since Upgrading to v20.4 and replacing the tray by the assistant I cannot access any process from the assistant. It says it is connected and licensed but I cannot see any of my processes in the process list. I tried to remove the robot and recreate it, remove the processes and jobs and recreate them to no avail, all seem good in the orchestrator and in the studio but no more access to processes from the Assistant.I can only run flows from studio.

Hi @pcand,
Probably your Robot service is still connected with old version after update. Please just restart your PC or close assistant and open it from the newer version of Studio folder under:

In this folder I have an UIPath Agent but I do not have an Assistant.
I also see 3 folders for different builds of app-20.4.0-beta.
I think that my best course of action would be to uninstall UIPath, clean up all folders, delete all registry entries and reinstall fresh.

I may have this issue because of these old beta installs?



It’s most possible that you have closed Studio during update download. I think you don’t need to reinstall. Just remove folder app-20.4.0, and run studio from older version. It should start re-downloading newer version soon as you will open studio.