Upgrade Orchestrator in Azure using ARM template

How to upgrade Orchestrator in Azure using an ARM template?

The upgrade of Orchestrator in Azure can also be done via a custom ARM template, available at the public UiPath Github repository
Prior to start the upgrade, please take into consideration the following:

  • Nuget packages – it is important to know the packages location. It could be either the local folder (App Service local storage) or an Azure Storage. Starting with Orchestrator version 19.4 it can be stored in the packages in Azure Blob Storage. To check the location can be don in the App Service > configuration section > Storage.Type = Azure and Storage.Location – connection string for the storage account. For more information in regards this matter check this article.
  • Machine key and Encryption key – These keys are kept in the web config file and they look like these: 
    <add key="EncryptionKey" value="dmdoanRxcWNoeHNlcWxnM2pqZnk0dnhibm9zbWk2aHc=" />
    <machineKey decryption="AES" decryptionKey="90FED31ACABC511FA29313F29B9D5EB13F7C27B25C255389A1770F0EC0057CF7" validation="HMACSHA256" validationKey="4CCC1D9327305C98BBCAE7CEF4F956E6180E734253B6583C9F1B07EAF8A71EAE8A94D91A877E5078A9CCD743BC37556557ED8C76D6E9571DB3008CA7359CE150" />
  • Web App application settings – Most UiPath Orchestrator configuration is kept in the app settings (configuration tab)
After having this configuration in mind, a Back-up should also be performed prior the upgrade:
  • Backup NuGet Packages – This should be done if the NuGet packages are stored on the Web App local storage (in the NuGetPackages folder). The advanced tools (Kudu) could be used to download the packages.
  • Backup the machine key and encryption key from the web config.
  • Backup the application settings – The advanced edit functionality could be used to copy the settings.

Start the Upgrade using the ARM template from UiPath Github repository by accessing this link
Prior using the ARM template to perform an Orchestrator upgrade, please carefully read the “ReadMe” section:

  • To start hit the “Deploy to Azure” button > a redirection to Azure will happen to fill-in a template and start the deployment
  • Another option would be to copy the content of orchupgrade.json  from here > then go to the Azure Portal and in the search bar type “Templates” > Click Add > Give it a Name and a Description:

In the ARM template section paste the content from orchupgrade.json taken from Github. Once pasted it and prior to save it might be modified to add/remove/customize which Orchestrator version should be deployed:
  • Modify the OrchestratorVersion parameter and add in the “defaultvalue” and “allowedvalues” add the version to be deployed:
  • Starting with 2019.10.1 the UiPath.Web.zip folder was renamed UiPath.Orchestrator.Web.zip. If an upgrade to 2019.10.1 is planned the variables section also need to be modified. :ocate the orchestratorLink one and change UiPath.Web.zip to UiPath.Orchestrator.Web.zip:
  • Finally, click Add > it will take back to Azure Templates > click on it and then Click on “Deploy” button”. Fill-in the requested information (if the passphrase has been lost type-in anything and after that in the web.config  can be replaced with the EncryptionKey and Machine Key fields that were backed up). Click “Purchase”: