Upgrade onpremise from orchestrator 2019.4 to orchestrator 2020.10.9

Hi team,
I want to upgrade on-premise orchestrator 2019.4 to orchestrator 2020.10.9. I am new to this. I want to know the checklist or document that explains the steps. Also, I want to know the bot version currently we are using 2019.4. please help me out to the same.

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Have you checked the documentation?

Hi Pablito,
I need to upgrade V2020.10.9 LTS.Do you have a checklist like excel or word doc step by step up-gradation process? Bec in a forum I can see a lot of details not in a precise manner. I need only the sequential step that we need to follow.
Thank you…

The doc site I linked describes exactly all things that need to be checked. There is the “Preinstallation Checklist” section.


While we upgrade from orchestrator 2019.4 to V2020.10.9 using Uipath platform installer, What about the identity server? Wheter we need to manually change anything ?and what about the credentials for each user ?wheter we need to set up again ?

During the upgrade process, existing users are being migrated to the identity server. For us, multiple migrations, with and without Active Directory integration, worked fine. No need for manual change.

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Thank you.What about local user means we r using form authentication.so I am login into Orchestrator with user name and pwd so after migration whether I can able to login with same credential ? or I need to set up it again ?

You can login with the same credentials.

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R u using uipath Platform installer ?

Yes. Honestly, you just have to follow the upgrade steps described in the documentation…

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