Upgrade AI Center On Premisses

We need to upgrade our AI Center on premisses from 2021.4 to 2021.10
Our Orchestrator is already on 2021.10
I could not find any documentation on it online.
Do you guys know how to do it?


As you correctly mentioned I too unable to find the documentation related to upgrading AI center for on premise.

But I could find one link related to install Ai center on existing cluster. Not sure this would help you. Please refer the below docs. Thanks.


Hi Kirankumar,

Thanks for the link! I took a look at it yesterday but the actual upgrade process was not clear no me.
I opened a ticket and support sent me the link below, but it is a procedure to migrate AI Center to another machine, and that’s not what I need. I custom built a machine for AI Center, I don’t have another one.

I explained it to them and asked how could I proceed to simply upgrade AI Center 2021.4 to 2021.10 in the same server.
I also was able to schedule a call with local UiPath engineers, so I will come back to this topic and update it as soons as I understand things more clearly.

I find some documentations for on-premisses applications faulty. It’s hard to understand how to complete simple tasks sometimes.

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yeah you are right Lucas. got it it should be like how we are upgrading our orchestrators to latest version. once you done with your upgrade please post your experience on this post it would be very helpful for others who are trying to upgrade their AI center on their on prem environment. nice chatting with you. Thanks for your response.

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Hey guys,

So, I figured things out.
Turns out AI Center 2021.4 cannot be directly upgraded to 2021.10.
As the infrastructure part of the application changed considerably due to the Automation Suite, a fresh install is necessary.
Also, UiPath engineers strongly recommend using Automation Suite, because it will make upgrades and maintenances easier in future releases.

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