Updating Uipath Studio and Orchestrator

We have to upgrade Uipath Studio and Orchestrator this month end.
Last time when my Networking team upgraded Studio and Orchestrator, I have to manually update Activities Packages in Studio manually for all the Processes otherwise jobs were not running.
So I updated Activities Packages manually and Published the Packages again in Orchestrator and all the Jobs were running.
Is there any possibility that all the Activities Packages will be updated automatically and we don’t have to publish Processes again in the Orchestrator?

I think this problems occurs only if you have that “rule” in your projects like this:

I don’t think so because all activities Packages it is Strict by default

Maybe this can help you prepare: https://docs.uipath.com/studio/docs/project-dependencies-mass-update

Thank you @bcorrea.
I will go through the document.

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