Updating the Master sheet as email sent

There are two excel sheet, A master sheet and A macro enabled file, UI path application sends email to the requestor based on the data in the macro enabled file, once the email is sent to the requestor, the master sheet should be updated with mail sent for that particular data.

@monsieurrahul please help

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Once mail is sent then use LookUp range in Mater File
it will give you the cell value in which that email id is present say “B40”
Then u can use that row no for updating the status say if you know status column is in “E” column then use write cell as “E”+LookUpOutput.substring(1)

Thank you for your response, so once the email is sent using the data from macro enabled sheet, which is currently a process designed, how will the activity recognize the master sheet(which is a different excel file)

u know the path of Mater Excel ryt then in that Application scope use what i mentioned above

providing you a glimpse of what i did ,after the email activity, i have inserted excel application scope, inside excel application scope , i did a lookup range entered the sheet name and declared the cell where the email ID is present and i entered the look up output string and it says the string is not available

What range have you passed
It should be like this
If column B contains email id then
Range will be “B:B”

my bad, i said this LookUpOutput.substring this is not working

What error you are getting

There are no such strings in the list

Can you share your files so i can make small demo xmal

Try this workflow @satheesh_kumar1

Send_Email.xaml (11.9 KB)

Let me know if you are facing any issues. Cheers!