Updating spreadsheets inside Code folder

Do we need to deploy the code when we make changes to the spreadsheets inside the Code folder?

We have a config file inside the code folder, whenever we update the password in the config file, the robot running via orchestrator would still pick the old password until we deploy the code.

Similarly, we have Robot which enters new rows into two spreadsheets inside code folder on a daily basis. We are noticing that after each deployment the robot stops inserting new rows, instead it is updating the data in the existing rows.

Please advice. Thanks.

When code is published on the Orchestrator.
The code base on the publishing machine gets copied on the the Orchestrator.

This tells us that when you change the value in the config excel at the publishing system. the change is required to be published again so that the updated password is sent to the orchestrator.
Until that time all other robot machines will get their sources from the older copy of your code on the orchestrator.

Similarly, when the Robot system makes any change to the config file those changes are not coming back to the publishing machine. when you publish the code again from the publishing machine, the older config gets deployed and when you check on the robot machine, the newer rows get replaced.

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Thanks Akhilesh! That was really helpful.

This was my first post, didn’t knew about like and mark as solution. Thanks @akhi_s27 for helping out.

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