Updating from 2018.4.4 Orchestrator to 20.4.1

I am currently trying to update my Orchestrator from 2018.4.4. to 2020.4.1 using the UiPathOrchestrator.msi. However when I run it I keep getting the following error:

System.Exception: Init Host: The operation failed because an index or statistics with name ‘IX_TenantId_BatchExecutionKey_IsDeleted’ already exists on table ‘dbo.Jobs’.
at UiPath.Orchestrator.Setup.DatabaseMigration.DatabaseMigrator.InstallOrUpdateDatabase()
at UiPath.OrchestratorCAs.DatabaseManager.ApplyOrchestratorDbMigrations(String webConfigPath)
at UiPath.OrchestratorCAs.DatabaseManager.ApplyDbMigrations()
at UiPath.OrchestratorCAs.CustomActions.Deferred.UpdateConfigurationAndDatabasesAction.Execute()
at UiPath.OrchestratorCAs.CustomActions.Base.BaseCustomAction.InternalExecute()

I am not sure how to resolve this. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @Chris_Pecoraro - Ideally you should not get any such error but as a work-around you can delete this index. Run below ry in sql :

DROP INDEX dbo.jobs.IX_TenantId_BatchExecutionKey_IsDeleted

And they try to upgrade. If that does not help then please raise a ticket with our support team.


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