Updating dependencies


I want to update some dependencies in prod environment where I don’t have a studio…

Is it possible to update the dependencies through orchastrator or any other way??

Early response would help…

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@David3 I believe you need to update the dependencies in the Development Studio platform, Publish the new version of the Package. Download the new version of the package as a nupkg file. Upload the package to the Production Orchestrator. This is one way.


@supermanPunch Is it possible to update the dependencies version directly into the project.json file???

Hi @David3

Maybe you can try following steps to update some dependencies of a project without studio.
1.Update the dependencies version in the project.json file
2.Make sure the version of the dependencies in “C:\Users\<username>\.nuget\packages”
3.Use below command to pack project
UiRobot.exe pack “C:\UiPath\Automation\Project.json” --output “C:\UiPath\Automation\Packages” -v 1.0.1
4.Copy package file to robot publish path
5.Try to use UiPath Robot to run it