Updating assets in Orch v 2020.10.3


Every time you update an asset or open an asset to see the entire value, whatever filter you entered (eg searching after a certain process name) before disappears and you are returned to the initial view page, which is frustrating beyond belief. It did not happen in prior versions, so I am confused why you built in several extra clicks in this version?

Is this something you can fix?


Hi @johan.standeus

Which version of Orchestrator are you currently using?

Nevermind, I went to the Assets page and experienced it myself. I point our team to your feedback for further consideration. It would still help if you could mention which version worked correctly for you :slight_smile:

Jeesh, I am not sure. It did not have the current, new look at least.

Our infrastructure guy says it is 2019.10; however it is unclear if there was any number after the 10 (eg 2019.10.x).


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