Updating Access Database


I am a rank beginner at UI Path so please be gentle :slight_smile:

I have been searching all day for a solution for my problem but can’t quite understand what I am reading.

What I am doing is quite simple (I think).

  1. Connect to an access database
  2. Find a record in a table based on input from a variable
  3. If the record is found insert the date/time into and existing field

I have used the “Start Connection” activity and tested fine. I just can’t work out how to find my table, then locate the record and update it.

Appreciate any help or direction given.


Hello @ui_baby You have to design steps to achieve your solution.

  1. Connect to an Access database (Create and establish a connection string and pass them with proper credentials)
  2. Find a record (For this you have to build a query based on your requirement. try to use a query manager and build a query based on your requirement and pass that query into a string and shoot with 2nd step.)
  3. Put the if condition if result set if available based on the primary key then you pass if condition.
    This 3rd step can achieve as follows:
    a. Take query results in a temporary string variable.
    b. user inStr() function to validate your query results.
    c. If inStr pass then split the string and append your required value in the string.
    e. now concatenate both strings. (This will be your final results)

Hope my inputs are useful.


Thank you Krishna, that was very helpful. Mission accomplished!