Updated Robot 2018.2.6 to 2018.4.2 ui elements are not working

Hello Everyone,

I am getting an error from the new release.
My robot is in production and we are working on firefox. So the issue is With Orchestrator 2018.4.2 and Robot.exe 2018.2.6 on virtual client the process runs fine But When we update the robot.exe on the virtual client to version 2018.4.2 and install the firefox extension, the process can’t find the textfields.
Bot is not able to identify ui elements. When we downgrade the robot to version 2018.2.6 all is fine. Bot finds the element and works fine.
Can you please suggest what can we do now?

Any ideas or input would be nice.

Thanks in Advance.

How is the behavior in development environment. I would suggest you to install fire-fox extension again after upgrading the robot version and check the behavior. Kindly perform these steps in development first before having it done in prod.

Hi Akash,

there are some files nupkg those are not in my orchestrator as well as in my studio but those fileas are in my dependencies (json file).
Can you please explain how can i edit my json file, as i am getting error while publishing my code or saving my file.


  1. You can download all of those from Nuget and place it in Orchestrator
  2. Open you project in Studio, uninstall the packages that aren’t required and publish it again