Update Web-based Application from a database

Hi all,

I’m new to UiPath.
May I know how can I loop through a database table and based on the following mapping field to update the ‘Prom Dock’ (DB: Delivery_Date) to a web-based application?

DB Field: Web Application Field
Order_Number Po Number
Line_Number Ln#
Item_Number Item,Acct No, Mo, Co
Delivery_Date Prom Dock

Sample of the screenshots,
Source: Database
Box in Purple: Fields to match the criteria
Box in Red: Field to update

Destination: Web-based application
Box in Purple: Fields to match the criteria
Box in Red: Field to update

Thank you.


HI @Johnny_Tan

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Get the data from teh datatabase and store them in the datatable and then you can use for each row in datatable



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To get the data from database you have database related activities where you can use a select query and get the data

And once retrieved get the unique po numbers…because as we see same po with multiple lines…which can be achieved by using assign activity with uniquedt = dt.Defaultview.totable(true,“Pocolumnname”) here dt is data from database query

Now use uniquedt in for each row in datatable

Use a filter datatabe inside loop on dt…where whole data is present so that in each iteration you get details on one complete po

Then use ui activities for the later task…for updating database we can use database activities again

Please try and let us know if you face any issues


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka and @Anil_G ,

Thank you for sharing the info. I’m able to store my data in a datatable and loop thru the datatable to update my application (provided the PO only has 1 record).

Now I’m having another issue: I can’t update to a specific row # in the web-based application.
FYI, the row that has to be modified is not always fixed to be row # 1.

For instance, if my application contains 9 rows of records, I only want to update the second (2nd) and fifth (5th) rows.

How can I accomplish this?

Thank you.


I believe in your application you have po number already present…so inside the loop use get attribute with selector containing the innertext as po number and then get the tablerow property …by which you will know the row in which po is present…

Then by using the table row property in the next selectors we can fill the data into corresponding rows only…

The first selector looks like this

<webctrl tag=‘tr’ tablecol = ‘1’ innertext = ‘po number variable’ />

And for next subsequent activities you can use

<webctrl tag=‘tr’ tablecol = ‘2’ tablerow= ‘value from get attribute’ />

These are just for illustrations