Update values DT in single row

There are 27 columns in DT created using Build Data table activity.

BOT will do checks in 27 places in Website. based on the checks and output… I need to update the value as Yes or No in respective column in DT.

For example , One of the checks to check if attachment is available or not .


Now, based on the output the bot has to update the second column (attachment) in DT as YES or NO.
Note : same way bot has to update values in respective index (column)

Following are my queries:

  1. Now should I add “Add data row” activity wherever I want to update the value to respective column ( like below) or do we have any other activity?

  1. I want to make sure the values in updated in single row in DT and then I will insert that value to DB

3.All the 27 checks will NOT be inside For each activity


use assign activity


outside of for each use write range

You just use an Assign.

Assign CurrentRow(“ColumnName”) = “value”

All the 27 checks will NOT be inside FOR Each… so i can’t use “currentrow”

I just invoked each XAMLS inside Process XAML

Then you Assign the value to CurrentRow(“Column Name”)


are you using reframework



specific your column Name then it will assign the value to that column

Yes Shiva, I am using Reframework ( Queue based)

If you see the below flow… I have invoked workflows in process XAML ( each 27 activities in 27 workflows)

How do i pass the value from Each XAML to Build Data table DT ( available in Process XAML)


make build datatable output scope as Process level

which ever xaml you want then pass that output variable into the workflow and

take assign like which i mentioned above for transaction number variable also passed into the each workflow which ever you want to pass

  1. Make build datatable output scope as Process level

Yes, Build data table DT under Process scope

2.Which ever xaml you want then pass that output variable into the workflow and

Now i have passed the value from one of the XAML and stored into the variable available in Process scope

  1. take assign like which i mentioned above for transaction number variable also passed into the each workflow which ever you want to passd

I am not sure how to pass this variable (attachmentHeader) value to specific column in the Build data table DT?


no need to pass the variable of column name

use this


no need to make the value as out direction inside the workflow pass the variable in the place of value

at last of all Xamls use writerange activity

You can add an empty row and fill it with values.

Pass the CurrentRow (of type DataRow) as in argument to your workflows.


If you are only expecting one row in your data table, you can just add an empty row in Build Data Table. Then you can pass your data table to you workflows and assign values as:

in_DtReport(0)("Column Name") = "Yes"

in_DtReport(0) is referring to the first row your data table.

I am still not sure how to achieve this… :disappointed:

Are you able to provide Sample XAML for this activity?

It would be great help!


you want to pass the values inside each xaml to the columns right

then try this


repeat this for all the xamls which you want pass

My datatable in Process.XAML and the values are available inside invoked XAMLS.

TransactionNumber variable is not available inside Process XAML

Should i create transactionnumber argumnet inside process xaml and get the value ?

And Asssign actiity inside Process XMAL and datatablevar.rows(transactionNumber).item(“whichColumn”)=yourvariable?


yes you need to create a argument transactionNumber in the process and map it in the import arguments

yes and take assign activity

I have created assign activity inside Process XMAL and assign activity variable type is string… getting below error. Please suggest



you need to place like this in assign

yes i have added below value in Assign activity but getting above error

Assign activity variable type is STRING
Value in Assign activity : dt_Report.Rows(in_TransactionNumber).Item(“Attachment_Header”)=HeaderAttachment



HeaderAttachment is which datatype

HeaderAttachment is a string type