Update value in Citrix


I’m trying to automate an application inside citrix and one of the step is to update the value in a cell based on its Row name to its corresponding Column name.

Below is the screenshot for reference.

Here I’m updating the value in Row 5 corresponding to Column 5.

The row name and column name are provided from Excel.

How do i find the correct cell to update the value in Citrix.


As we work with images inside Citrix, the best approach to do this is to click on the first cell (column1, row1), and then move the cursor with the keyboard arrow (Using Send Hotkey Activity).


I have to update Row3, from Column5

1 - Click on Column1,Row1
2 - Move 4 times to Right (Using right arrow)
3 - Move 2 times to Down (Using down arrow)
4 - Type the value that you need.

@Lucas.Pimenta The problem is that the Columns and Rows are dynamic they keep changing. So Hotkeys are not reliable.

How many rows and columns are you working? maybe you could use dictionaries to save the numbers of positions to move between columns and rows, if are not too many could works. using the same idea that Lucas says.