Update UiPath 2019.8.0 Beta

Get confused to use the update version.
Hi, I am confused to usee the update version.
Even I am not finding any shortcut key to run in the debug mode.

when I press the f5 it directly runs the Main.xaml file.
Even I debug in the sub-workflow not the main once press the f5 it automatically starts to run the Main.xaml,
Previously f7 work to run in the debug mode.

Now it’s totally changed f7 doesn’t work for debud. when I press the f11 the current activity border become red color.

what is diff between Start File and Start File without debug mode.

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i hope its all about this

first option should be like starting the whole project without debugging
while the second one will be like to start executing the current xaml file with debug mode
and last one is to run the current xaml without debugging mode
well not sure on this,

I havent tried with F7 in new version may it could be an update, its still beta right, lets wait buddy

Cheers @balkishan

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