Update to beta version [issue]

Hi All,

Ok - I “old” enough to play with beta version - however I have major issues with updating it.

I’ve checked the beta channell in UiPath, I’ve restarted the UiPath (I even went step further and I’ve applied standard “helpdesk” trick - I’ve restarted my computer :slight_smile: ) but no luck.

I’ve tried playing with folders in “C:\Users%userprofile%\AppData\Local\UiPath” where I saw two folders:

  • app-18.4.0-beta0111
  • app-18.4.0-beta0113

I’ve changed name of those folders by adding “_” at the begining of the folder name. No luck - I thought that when I will launch UiPath new folder will be created and Beta version will be downloaded - but this did not happen.

I’ve digged little bit more and I found “Update.exe” file, so I’ve tried to launch it as per the help information, so:

  • Update.exe --install=app-18.4.0-beta0113
  • Update.exe --install=app-18.4.0-beta0111

I’ve tried it with both folders but no luck - this command did not do anything.

BTW. size of those folders are:

  • app-18.4.0-beta0111 → 172 MB (181,243,904 bytes)
  • app-18.4.0-beta0113 → 172 MB (181,256,192 bytes)

Attached are two screenshots - from UiPath / folder structures and from command line.


If this post is duplicated - and case has been already solved then sorry for that and please let me know where to go.

If not then - two questions: Is it a BUG? Is there any workaround to get BETA version?

If any more information is needed, please let me know.

//BR Marek!

Hi @Marek_Malinowski

Interesting. Could you switch to the Stable channel? The 2018.4 CE is released as per our banner.

I think your issue is simply due to the fact that there is currently no running Beta :slight_smile: (which is weird, because one would think that you would still get upgraded to Stable release :slight_smile: )

We will investigate.

Hi @loginerror

Thanks for answer!

I’ve tried it but no luck - the same is on stable channel. Same steps reproduced - changing channels is not triggering a download (if I’m properly assuming - new version should be downloaded to: C:\Users%userprofile%\AppData\Local\UiPath), restart is not helping.

So I’m still “stuck” with 2018.3.2.

//BR Marek

Indeed, it should simply get downloaded. The last resort is to simply run the Studio CE from the installer. It should fix all issues and download the 2018.4 after the first run.

Last resort worked, installer helped and 2018.4 is now installed.

I will wait for new BETA to see if it will update automaticaly.

btw. love the dark theme! //BR Marek