Update the value to the filtered row

Hi All,

i have a worksheet contain below data. in one of the activity, i filter the testcaseid and risk No.

eg: TC3 and Risk 1. I wanted to update my fire premium into row4 column “Fire”.

please advice.


U can loop through the filtered datatable and use the condition as below

row(“TestCaseID”).ToString.Equals(“TC3”) And row(“Risk No.”).ToString.Equals(“1”)

Then if the condition is true

Use Assign activitiy to assign the Fire value to that row 4

row(“FireConLoss”)= “Fire”

This way u can try

Mark.it as solution if it resolves ur query


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Hi Nived,

yes, it work. but i have thousand records. any other advise ?

@jiechiat83_Low were you able to solve it? I am having same issue and have lots of records.