Update the key with new value in run time without using arguments or variable?

hey all,

I have one key in config file as Local_path, now i want to change the value of that key in run time without using variable or argument.

is the below expression possible?
in_config(“old_key”).tostring = in_config(“new_key”)
so that the old key value get updated with new key value.

is there any possibility to update the key value in run time that too without using arguments or variable?

Yes, You can update in the following way -

myDictionary("old_key") = myDictionary("new_key")

Make sure that both keys exists in your dictionary.

Karthik Byggari

can u help me with the xaml?

Really sorry, currently no access to studio.
But it is a simple Assign Activity.
Use Assign Activity with the given expression.

Make sure the old_key and new_key are added in the config file with corresponding values.

Karthik Byggari

I agree, but my topic is without using the variable or argument.
if we use assign , that means we are creating a storage.

In this case, we are directly updating the value in the dictionary object.
So we are not creating any extra variable or storage while updating.

The following statement comes under the storage.
Assign Activity, someVariable = dictionary("new_key")

Karthik Byggari

thanks, i will try .

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thanks it is working now. i have the solution xaml with me.

can you please help me with your XAML file . I have same issue