Update the editable field in website

hi in my website some editable field which contain data . and i have one excel sheet which has master data i just want to compare the excel data with website field if it not matched then updated with excel data

in excel
primary phone 203-653-3805
primary phone type Home

i have to update 203-653-3805 in my website primary phone


You first need to get text from the web and compare with the data in excel sheet and if its not matching then you need to type into that web element.

Following activities may help you, “Get Text”, “Read Cell”, “Type Into”

If you want to do this update for multiple records then you can read entire sheet using “Read Range” and then iterate using for each loop and perform above updates comparison.

Let me know in case you are stuck anywhere.


Hi Kuldip,

I am learning UiPath. I am not a programmer but I can understand program logic. Please help me with below;

I have two rows in a excel sheet. I have extracted the cell values in 2 variables. Now, I would like to compare these two variable value with similar values given on a webpage. I need to find perfect match.

Please share the logic and how we can do this under UiPath