Update Robot in 3K clients

Hello, everybody.

I have a very interesting business case and I would like to know what tools can be used to carry it out.
We have signed with a company that has an ERP and serves 3000 customers, we have two challenges to solve:

  1. Robotize invoice data entry with intelligent OCR to the ERP by customer.

  2. The ERP is always changing and we need to know how we can update each robot of 3000 customers, if each customer has its own license and robot served for this task, since each customer wants its own facility and we are interested to customize more tasks with the Robot according to each type of company and productive sector.

Please advise us, and tell us where we can find a complete example of Intelligent OCR, as well as we could solve the second challenge without having to update client by client, since being the same ERP the ideal would be to update the Robot in all 3000 clients at the same time.

I thank you in advance.

Greetings, Eloy.