Update one excel based on info from 2nd excel

I have 2 excel sheets with first one with column Customer Part code and 2nd one with columns Customer Part Code and C Part Code. I want to fetch C part code values from 2nd excel and update it to 1st excel.



In the above image i want the C Part Code in the first excel to be fetched from the 2nd excel.

You can do something like this

  1. foreach row activity looping your first excel table
  2. use lookup DT activity, where
  • the target DT = second excel table,
  • lookup value = customer part code value of current row of 1st excel table,
  • lookup column = “Customer Part Code”, target col = “C Part Code”
  • output = CPartCode variab;e
  1. assign row(“C Part Code”) = output of lookup activity

  2. now your datatable will be filled with the new “C Part Code” values and you can write it back to excel using “Write range” activity etc…

@shekhawat.arjun1307 - This video will help you…

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Thanks for sharing. This is exactly what i was looking for.

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