Update number of data based on Random line number


In SAP I have a list of hours not recorded.

Activity type … Date
440100… 12.02.2019

I was able to type into the first line and update the date but how can I replicate that to all the lines. Taking in consideration that the number of line change every day.
So if I have a activity type on the line I should change the date and save.
Today i could have two lines to update, tomorrow 10.
How can I manage that variable (number of lines change) ?
How go down to type the date on the next line ?

Hello @fba008

You could try to use a dynamics selector to check if there is a line, if it has, UIPath updates and look for the next line, if not terminate process.
Check this link to see you can understand better how the dynamics selector works: What is best practice to select dynamic selector

Regards :smile:

Hello Yan thanks for the tricks and links I will try to practice :slight_smile:

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