" Update Failed! Please Remove Some Development Robots To Match The Number Of Defined Licenses. (#1908)"

License Error(#1908) fix " Update failed! Please remove some Development robots to match the number of defined licenses. (#1908)" .

Root Cause: During renewal, all Studio licenses are being converted to Studio Pro.

But if on Orchestrator version 20.4.x allocation is not allowed or StudioPro allocation is not visible until they enable the Test Automation feature.

Resolution: Enable test automation to see the StudioPro license in the Orchestrator.

  1. This feature can be enabled by modifying an existing Orchestrator Single Node Installation and choosing Test Automation during setup
  2. Navigate to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Select UiPath Orchestrator
  3. Click on Change
  4. Select ‘Test Automation’ ref. below

After following the above steps, remove the Studio allocated to the tenant and update it by allocating the StudioPro?

See the steps below,

  1. Click on tenants > Click more option on your default tenant > Allocate license
  1. Click allocate and close
  2. Then try updating the license .