Update Failed: Please Disconnect Some Machines To Match The Number Of Defined Licenses (#1905)

Resolution for the error thrown when updating license in Orchestrator "Update failed Please disconnect some machines to match the number of defined licenses. (#1905)" .


Root Cause:
This error occurs when the runtimes on license has been updated (especially when removed) from UiPath side and when the customer updates the license in Orchestrator.

Example - A customer has 10 Unattended runtimes on a license expiring. With the renewal, the customer decided to have 9 Unattended runtimes and 1 Studio runtime. Based on this requirement, UiPath updates the runtimes on same license code.
The Orchestrator instance of the customer already has 10 Unattended robots provisioned and when the customer tries to update license from Orchestrator, above error occurs as there are 10 Unattended runtimes allocated instead of 9.

Resolution: Below methods can be used to resolve the issue

Method 1:

  1. Remove existing license by clicking REMOVE button
  2. Click ACTIVATE ONLINE button and provide the license code again

Method 2:

  1. Remove Unattended robot in Robots page
  2. Click UPDATE button in License page

This logic applies to all runtimes and not just Unattended.