Update excel template file

Hi I’m new.

I would like to ask on how to update excel data to excel template file. Attached sample files, original and updated file. Need help to update remark and documents field from first file to second file.
Attached xml file that I try to create.RPATSSSB.xlsx (13.4 KB)
RPATSSSB_update1.xlsx (13.3 KB)
Main.xaml (9.8 KB)

Hi, can you please elaborate your question.

Are you trying to update records for respective invoice number(s) in RPATSSSB_update1.xlsx, as per the value mentioned in column Remark and Document RPATSSSB.xlsx?

Hi Rishi,

Yes I would like to update data from RPATSSSB to RPATSSSB_update in Remarks and Documents.
For your info number of rows not fixed. and the data to update the RPATSSSB could be from other source (unformatted excel file).

I need to to know on how to loop that pointing/ start from specific cell.